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Tesla Motors sells a 5% of its shareholding to Tencent china

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As the automotive industry progresses, different brands that comprise it need to have greater financial resources. The reason for this situation can reel off in three basic aspects: the first is to assume the costs of developing new products, the second is the production of more environmentally friendly engines with the environment and the third is the innovation and development in terms of technologies applied to driving.

Tesla Motors is one of the firms that has grown in recent years. His boot did not be surprising since no one argued for it. The efforts of its creator, Elon Musk, and have good sources of financing have led it to where it is today. Without, however, continues to be a company in expansion and increasingly need more money until it is able to generate their own revenues.

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For this reason, arise operations as that Tesla Motors has informed us. According to Elon Musk, the Chinese company dedicated to technology Tencent has become part of its shareholders. The percentage that the American home has sold is minuscule, as it represents only 5 per cent. However, economically it has been a good injection for Tesla, because it allows you to get liquidity to complete the launch of new Model 3.

The arrival of Tencent to Tesla capital set in some juicy 1,800 million dollars. Thanks to this money, dissipate doubts about the viability of the Model 3, because the most critical voices said that Tesla did not have enough money to cover the project. In addition, this transaction been sitting very well to the actions of the brand, since when was public Tencent entering the company, Tesla Motors shares climbed 2.8 percent.

With this rise, Elon Musk has managed to place to Tesla Motors in the market stock with a value of $ 48 billion, or what is the same, the price having Ford Motor Company. This immense capital is distributed among many shareholders, but the four largest are the own Elon Musk with a 21 per cent, several financial firms, and Tencent with a 5 per cent. The rest are minority shareholders.

A masterstroke, of many, Elon Musk has managed to bring to fruition. Congratulations.

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