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Top5 of makes and models preferred by the Spanish in may

A month it has just been, another starts and almost without noticing already we brush the equator of 2016. We will check which brands and models have been more defendants in the newly completed month of may by the Spaniards, which ended with 113.671 deliveries.

The data surprised because any marks that, without being in the top3 in the first months of the year, this month has given a major jump standing on the podium. The same occurs with some other model.

Top5 marks

In the fifth place of the ranking we have to Peugeot. The French firm of lion has closed in May with 7.847 units sold. This figure represents that in may they have sold slightly more than in the middle of what are among the first five months year, which in total represent 36.648 registrations. In the ranking of the year so far are placed in third position.

It may fourth best-selling brand is the multinational based in Martorell. Seat has managed to move above Peugeot for a little more than 100 units, selling a total of 7,956 cars. It has also been a good month for Seat when compared with their average so far this year, where it has delivered 35.153 passenger cars.


Bronze medal” is for Volkswagen. It seems that pollutant emissions scandal that came to light in the last quarter of last year does not pass him too much Bill in our country. Although far from the second in may, “town car” brand has delivered 8.141 passenger cars. Selling about 200 units above the average in the jackpot, where is in second place with 39.651 marketing.

A very important leap has been the French Renault, slipped to second position. With 9.926 sales, he sneaks in a satisfying second place and far from its German rival. So great has been the jump from Renault, which has sold about 3,000 more cars of what came to be common. Throughout the first five months is located in fifth place with 34.681 cars sold in Spain.

The best-selling brand in the past month has been, again, Opel. The German firm is reaping good results which are reflected every month, being the only brand that has delivered more than 10,000 units, 10.560 specifically. Also sales may have been higher than average which had been so far in the jackpot, where records indicate 43.287 registrations.

Top5 models

We started this top5 of the best selling models in May with the Renault Clio. The B-segment model has been positioned in fifth place with 3.104 units. As has happened with its parent company, Renault, Clio has given a major jump in the list, since in it that far this year have been 10.436 units that were sold right now being located in the ninth position. which means that it has sold nearly a third of all sales of the year in the fifth month.


Above we have a very veteran model in the sector and a regular podium, the Ibiza, that on this occasion has been with honey on the lips and very little has been outside, in fourth place. 3.489 marketings of the B-segment of Martorell. In the accumulated Yes is in third position, with nearly 15,000 cars that far this year. Is it high time that Seat launch a new generation of the Ibiza?

We now have a model with Seat seal in the third drawer of the podium . The lion has been placed in third place with 3.509 units. A position that almost snatches his little brother by a difference of only 20 units. Adding sales of the five first months of the compact Spanish get a figure of 16.471, placing it in a worthy runner-up.

The Opel Corsa and Renault Clio has taken a major leap in may Like the Clio, another B-segment has given the surprise in this month. We speak of the Opel Corsa, which has climbed to second place thanks to their 3.672 sales. In this case, records may represent more than one-third of the registrations for the entire year, whose data is 12.535 units. Great job on the Corsa in last May.

Finally, the winner of the month, may’s best-selling model was again the Citroen C4. Compact French continues his pace and without making much noise again as the best-selling tourism with 3,726 sales stands. It is not much less punctual, they applying le 17.074 deliveries in the accumulated that, how no, are you also in the highest ranking so far year, with a lead of 400 units on your tracker. The range C4 is the main engine of Citroen, assuming more than 50% of total brand sales, although we must bear in mind that it comes also as C4 C4 Picasso minivan or crossover C4 Cactus.


Source | ANFAC

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