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What mysterious Ferrari lurks under this sheet?

Misterioso Ferrari

Within the world of them people wealthy, there are several groups of rich: which is believe and van of rich but actually not it are both, them rich of truth and them rich that are capable of do create to a luxurious brand of automobiles a car special for them. The user of the Forum “FerrariChat” Greg23 belongs to the last group of the three that have cited, being holder of several units of Ferrari.

Greg23 has made some recent publications in their networks social showing some images of a model only of Ferrari that still not has been entirely revealed. The user commented that “is a V12, not is a LaFerrari, not is a V8 and not have the chassis of a 488“. The debate soon opened in the “FerrariChat“, but it is difficult to know what it is about really, since the tracks that gives us Greg23 make us think that might be a “Monster”.

Currently the only model of the Italian brand that uses a V12 engine placed behind the seats is the Ferrari LaFerrari and also his brother LaFerrari Aperta. In the Forum a user commented that it might be a LaFerrari of competition, something that seems unlikely because the Savannah leaves no room for any spoiler of generous dimensions as it would be logical.

It only that we can get to consider by them tracks that gives the “ferrarista” Greg23 is that is a one: off very peculiar. The idea of a model with chassis of the Ferrari 458 (Italy or Speciale) comes to mind but that instead of receiving the V8 engine between the back of the seats and the rear hub, has equipped a V12 engine. This engine V12 could be that uses the footballer LaFerrari, although equal without incorporating all the system electric of this model hybrid. Are only assumptions, hope that soon will know the truth.


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